Ever since AI burst onto the scene I have delved into its endless creative opportunities, honing my prompts to an almost billboard-ready quality. This is the future, say goodbye to stock image sites and scamps, I now use AI-generated imagery for all of my creative work. I'm obsessed and it's only going to get better, watch this space. 
I have strong skills across Midjourney, DallE, ChatGPT, Bard, Firefly, and Photoshop Beta, to name a few.
Here is an example of a prompt for one of the images below, see if you can guess which one, I have delved deep into developing my prompts to create a unique and cut-through aesthetic (the other Image prompts are secret).
‘A man sitting at a dining table, looking down the lens breaking the fourth wall, he is holding a beer, wearing a suit. Ultra-wide angle shot of a jungle with a campfire in the background. 70mm photo still, Cinematic, 8k, UHD, DVD screen grab from 2022 dramatic film ‘called man dodging a microprocessor flexagon, Ultra photorealistic. Bright front-lit studio lighting, fine detail, and realistic face. Photography by Gregory Crewdson, cinematography by Rodger Deakins directed by Quentin Tarantino, style by Diesel. Include body in the frame.’
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