For the launch of season 2 of The House Of Dragons, we created dueling hot sauces so that fans can pledge their allegiance and help the Green and Black Councils settle their scores as they vie for the Iron Throne, as Westeros teeters on the edge of a bloody civil war in the show.
The Black Sauce for Queen Rhaenyra supporters, ‘Dracarys’, features the spice of the Carolina Reaper, Scorpion, and Birds Eye Chillies and boasts a Scoville Rating of 500,000 units.The Green Sauce for King Aegon supporters, ‘Revenge’, contains Green Habaneros, Charapitas, and Jalapenos, and offers a searing Scoville Rating of 35,000 units.​​​​​​​
The earned media campaign was covered across cult Australian shows including Sunday Night with Matty Johns and AFL Bounce, along with other pop culture titles such as Man of Many and New Idea.
Celebrities worldwide were invited to pick a side and test the sauce out for themselves.
House of the Dragon cast Harry Collett and Bethany Antonia, Caroline Gaultier and Krissy Marsh from The Real Housewives of Sydney, St. George Illawarra Dragons players Kyle Flanagan and Jesse Marschke, Cam Mooney and Ruby Schleicher from the AFL Bounce crew, social media stars Luke and Sassy Scott, alongside Fox League’s duo Fletch and Hindy, have all tasted the fiery hot sauces and pledged their allegiance.
Each label design features elements that reflect each of the feuding councils. The bottles are individually wax-dipped and packaged in a limited edition case. we really wanted to get to the core of the bitter feud between Houses and express this as two distinctly crafted label designs that felt iconically representative of both Houses and their Dragon Sauces.
The shapes of the labels were derived from the outfits worn by the two queens in the show, as green holds the iron throne we designed the type to reflect the iconic sword throne, and as the black family is home to the greatest number of dragons we designed the type to have dragon highlights. 
We even wrote some provocative and very honest disclaimers on the back of the bottles.
And photographed each bottle in period-correct still-life scenarios used to populate our coms.

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