We have completely reinvented the Hahn brand, firstly redefining the Brand line to How Good and then repositioning the products as the perfect post-sport refreshment. We have developed several assets across film, OOH, special build, ambient, activation, and social to cement Hahn into the world of social sport. 
Firstly, the main spot takes that win-win attitude to the golf course in a game where it’s less about who wins the round and more about who’s shouting the first one at the 19th. Because when you’re in good company and there’s beer involved there’s no such thing as losing only degrees of winning. How Good. 
We've shown up in key sporting moments like LIv Golf in Adelaide, We created a to-scale special-build billboard of a golf green, created with real grass, a golf hole, and flag, as well as a number of tactical OOH placement.
We also created several special-build OOHs across Australia, including the largest basketball hoop in the southern hemisphere in Taylor Square Sydney, the world's largest cricket pitch on the longest billboard in the southern hemisphere, and an interactive billboard that acted as a tennis opponent.
And when the moment called for it we even showed up in special moments throughout the calendar year.

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